4 Reasons Why you Should Cycle the Alps 2 Ocean in Autumn

In NZ, many people associate Easter as the end of all things summer. Then come May, it’s time to start thinking about winter activities. However, the truth is that winter doesn’t set in until June, which leaves April and May as a great time of year to cycle the Alps 2 Ocean Trail. Not only is the scenery stunning in autumn, you can avoid the summer rush, and enjoy a relaxed ride.

Because autumn is such a beautiful time of year to cycle the trail, we’ve decided to extend our season into mid May.

1. The Scenery

In early autumn the willows turn gold, and the colours are just amazing. In fact, our photographer often chooses autumn as the ideal time of the year to capture stunning images of the trail. The combination of the golden trees with the autumn light creates a truly magical experience.

2. Avoid the Crowds

March is a very busy month on the trail and accommodation is often limited. With more riders on the trail, queues for food and drinks become inevitable making it difficult to sick your riding schedule. However, come autumn the crowds are gone – we can easily secure you the best accommodation and there’s no queues for coffee or long waiting times for dinner. Enjoy the great food available and awesome hospitality along the trail.


3. Calm Weather

We are not the weather gods, so don’t hold it against us. However, the weather in autumn is often sublime. Calm autumn spells tend to hover for longer, providing crisp mornings and often beautiful days. The mountains look stunning, with a dusting of fresh snow, and the lakes look still and cool.


4. Shorter Riding Days

With less light in the evenings, this is a great reason to keep your riding days shorter so you can relax at your accommodation earlier over a beer or a wine and enjoy the stunning autumn sunset.