About the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

Few cycle trails offer the diversity and variety of spectacular landscapes as the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail and we’re lucky to have it right here in our own backyard!

Part of New Zealand’s Nga Haerenga cycle trail network, the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is NZ’s longest continuous trail. Starting from the base of the Southern Alps, it leads you on a journey through the vast tussock lands of the Mackenzie Country, along the rivers and vineyards of the Waitaki Valley, all the way to the historic coastal town of Oamaru.

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Section 1: Mt Cook Village to Braemar Road (35km)

The Alps 2 Ocean trail begins at White Horse Hill camping ground and the 8 km trail weaves across under Mt Sefton to the airport. The short helicopter flight ends at Tasman Point and then 10 km of trail crosses the alluvial fans and several streams some of which are bridged. At the Jollie River car park starts the 16kms of gravel road along the lakeside.

20% smooth gravel, 33% rough gravel, 48% gravel road

Approximate Ride Duration:

Section 2: Braemar Road to Twizel (42km)

18kms on gravel road takes you to Tekapo B power station and then 4kms on sealed road to the dedicated 8km cycle trail around Lake Pukaki to the Lake Pukaki Visitor Centre. A final 10kms follows the trail across the Pukaki Flats tussock plain to Twizel.

43% Gravel road, Sealed road 12% Smooth shingle 45%

Approximate Ride Duration:

Alternate Start: Tekapo to Twizel (54km)

The start at Lake Tekapo leaves the village connecting to the canal draining to Lake Pukaki. The riding surface is a mixture of gravel and seal and at 15km crosses the highway. The spectacular viewpoint precedes the descent and the 8km lakeside trail to the Lake Pukaki lookout is followed by the 10 km trail across the Pukaki flats into Twizel.

19% Gravel road, 46% Sealed road, 35% Smooth shingle

Approximate Ride Duration:

Section 3: Twizel to Lake Ohau Lodge (38km)

The 20 kms flat canal road takes you to the Lake Ohau weir and across the outlet is the 8 kms of lakeside track that reaches the sealed road. From here there is a further 8kms on road past Lake Middleton to finally reach Lake Ohau Lodge.

72% Sealed road, 1% Dirt/ Grass, 28% Smooth single

Approximate Ride Duration:

Section 4: Lake Ohau Lodge to Omarama (45km)

Leaving the Lodge, the trail climbs for 11kms to the trail highpoint before descending to meet the Quailburn road at the historic woolshed. The gravel road changes to seal and then leads onto a dedicated trail leading into Omarama.

27% Smooth shingle, 17% Rough shingle, 11% Grass track, 26% Gravel road

Approximate Ride Duration:

Section 5: Omarama to Otematata (24km)

Following the Waitaki Valley, the trail undulates to the lake and then to Sailors Cutting camping ground at 13kms. A short climb of 5kms crosses Otematata Saddle and a descent to the town.

53% Smooth shingle, 47% Sealed road

Approximate Ride Duration:

Section 6: Otematata to Kurow (40km)

The sealed road climbs to nearby Benmore Dam followed by a ride around the lakeside onto Aviemore Dam. From here the trail follows the road into Waitaki Dam and then onto Kurow.

90% Sealed road, 9% Smooth shingle, 1% Sealed track

Approximate Ride Duration:

Section 7: Kurow to Duntroon (28km)

The ride from Kurow follows the dedicated cycleway alongside the river and road to reach the Kurow Winery. From there the trail alternates beside the highway and river to finally reach Duntroon.

97% Smooth shingle 2% Gravel road, 1% Sealed road.

Approximate Ride Duration:

Section 8: Duntroon to Oamaru (54km)

Following the dedicated cycletrail up to Elephant Rocks, the trail weaves through the rural landscape and takes in historic tunnels and railway lines. Behind Weston the trail enters Oamaru via the botanic gardens and ends on the wharf overlooking the harbour.

76% Smooth shingle, 5% sealed track, 13% Gravel road, 6% Sealed road.

Approximate Ride Duration: