Travel to the Alps 2 Ocean Trail

Travelling to the Mackenzie region is an experience like no other, and one you’ll never forget. Experience a breathtaking contrast of natural elements; including spectacular vistas, pristine lakes and vast tussock lands.

Rental Car Deal

With uncertainties around the future of a regular bus service throughout the South Island, we have been working on alternative ways for you to get to the start of the Alps 2 Ocean and West Coast Wilderness Trail.

We are working with a rental car company to allow you to rent a car for the duration of your cycle trip but receive significant discount by activating an exclusive promo code from us. The discounted rate will factor in the number of days that the vehicle will be “parked up” while you are out enjoying the trail on your bike, which of course is the whole point of your holiday. This will allow you time to drive to the start of the trail, experience the cycle trail, and then either take our shuttle back to your rental car, or we can relocate the car for you.

Please get in touch with our Reservations Team for more details.

Long Haul Shuttle

Cyclists arriving into Christchurch or Queenstown sometimes find that there is limited capacity on scheduled public buses which makes getting to Twizel difficult. Travelling with bikes is also something that can create difficulties when using public transport, so please note that we can provide a long haul shuttle from either Christchurch or Queenstown as well.

Spreading the cost over a group of 6 or more can provide you with that necessary flexibility to make your ideal itinerary possible. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we can see what we can do to help.

Public Transportation

For access to or from the trail from the main South Island centers, there are some options offered by local public transport operators. Please note that due to COVID-19, timetables have been affected significantly, please see Inter City or Atomic Travel websites for timetable details.

Rental/Private Car

Travelling by car to the Mackenzie region is a spectacular sight, no matter what direction you’re coming from. Driving south from Christchurch to Twizel takes approximately 3.5 hours, make sure you add additional time if you plan on stopping to capture the beautiful scenery of Lake Tekapo and Mt Cook. If you’re coming from the opposite direction and plan on driving north from Queenstown, it will take approximately 2.5 hours.