Cycle Journeys’ Donation to Help Fund Trail Maintenance

With domestic cycling popularity still on the rise, maintenance and upgrades of New Zealand’s network of cycle trails are vital to ensure the sustainability, safety and enjoyment of all who embark on these incredible experiences and Cycle Journeys is committed to helping this effort.

Valley Views Glamping

Amber and Patrick opened their glamping experience in February 2017 and their love and passion for what they do has grown from then. We spoke with Amber about why they created their secluded getaway in the stunning Waitaki valley, who glamping is for and, importantly, what you should bring when you go glamping!

West Coast Wilderness Trail Blog

Elizabeth and her partner recently cycled the West Coast Wilderness Trail in April 2021, inspired by positive feedback from friends who had done the trail. Elizabeth shared her experience on the trail and hopes to inspire others to explore this beautiful part of New Zealand.
A2O customer blog

Customer Service Queen to Customer

After three years of providing advice and sorting out logistics for hundreds of customers, the reality of organising my own family trip to ride the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail provided a bit more challenging than I expected.

Lynnette Coast to Coast

Lynnette from our Hokitika Depot recently completed her third Kathmandu Coast to Coast race. When sitting down to chat about the race, it brings out the biggest smile on her face - all the post C2C feels come flooding back!

Vivienne – Post trip interview

Vivienne was part of a group of 8 friends who recently rode the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail. Viv is a bit of a foodie, so we thought there is no one else better to give us some tips on where to stop along the trail for a bite to eat!
Sandy Brown - Blog

Sandy Brown’s Story – Alps 2 Ocean

Sandy Brown recently completed the Alps 2 Ocean, which is one of his greatest physical accomplishments in recent times.

Alps 2 Ocean Fishing

Dave took the opportunity to get the best of both worlds, and experience some great fishing whilst riding the spectacular Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail.
Graeme and friends blog

Graeme & Friends – Post Trip Interview

We're lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients, and Graeme's group was no exception! The group comprised of a bunch of friends or people who knew of each other. Key criteria, each member wanted to experience the ride, have a sense of humour, and to have fun! It certainly worked a treat.
Sailors Cutting

Sailors Cutting Trail Development

The long awaited ‘missing link’ trail section from the Sailors Cutting camping ground through to Benmore Dam is due for opening on December 18th. Last week, the A2O project team collectively rode the trail to seek group consensus on safety and recommended duration.