Customer Stories

Person overlooking river

Jan & Barbara

Lifelong friends, Jan and Barbara, didn't allow a travel delay and two modes of transport get in the road of their West Coast Adventure on two wheels.
Bowron Family at Hokitika Gorge in flood

Stella’s Wild and Fun Adventure

An inspiration to all cyclists who hesitate to ride in the rain, Stella (12) shared her adventure riding the West Coast Wilderness Trail.
Haymans Road on A2O

Little Old Al

Allan McGregor shares his A2O adventure with us in his own eloquent, frank and humorous words.

West Coast Wilderness Trail Blog

Elizabeth and her partner recently cycled the West Coast Wilderness Trail in April 2021, inspired by positive feedback from friends who had done the trail. Elizabeth shared her experience on the trail and hopes to inspire others to explore this beautiful part of New Zealand.

Vivienne – Post trip interview

Vivienne was part of a group of 8 friends who recently rode the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail. Viv is a bit of a foodie, so we thought there is no one else better to give us some tips on where to stop along the trail for a bite to eat!
Sandy Brown - Blog

Sandy Brown’s Story – Alps 2 Ocean

Sandy Brown recently completed the Alps 2 Ocean, which is one of his greatest physical accomplishments in recent times.

Alps 2 Ocean Fishing

Dave took the opportunity to get the best of both worlds, and experience some great fishing whilst riding the spectacular Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail.
Graeme and friends blog

Graeme & Friends – Post Trip Interview

We're lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients, and Graeme's group was no exception! The group comprised of a bunch of friends or people who knew of each other. Key criteria, each member wanted to experience the ride, have a sense of humour, and to have fun! It certainly worked a treat.
Post trip interview - Cycle Journeys

Dianne and Peter – Post trip interview

Due to COVID-19, their overseas trip was cancelled - so what better way than to explore their own backyard by bike. We caught up with Dianne recently to ask her a few questions about their experience on the Wilderness Trail.

Post Trip Interview: Pete Ulmer – Wilderness Trail + Paparoa Track

Pete Ulmers wacky request to ride the West Coast Wilderness Trail and the Paparoa Track all in 5 days points to the obvious.  With these two great trails on the coast, why would you travel all that way just to ride one of them?

Alps 2 Ocean – Post Trip Interview – Elaine & Friends

Elaine, Allan and 15 friends finished their Alps 2 Ocean trip from Otematata to Oamaru just in time before the lockdown. We asked a few questions about her group's experience...

Alps 2 Ocean – Post Trip Interview

A group of 6 females desperate to rescue plans to ride the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail and with an impressive amount of alcohol masquerading as accompanying luggage!