From Customer Service Queen to an A2O customer

After three years of providing advice and sorting out logistics for hundreds of customers, the reality of becoming an A2O customer and organising her own family trip to ride the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail provided a bit more challenging than Kelly expected. She shares her thoughts on organising a group cycling trip.

We have always worshipped those group organisers who took on that role, but as I have already cycled the trail three times, and know the logistics like the back of my hand, how hard could it be?

Well…trying to co-ordinate my family of 8, around a ride that was linked to my 50th birthday was not only fun, it also revealed a few personality quirks.

As a customer organising a group to ride the trail, what surprised me were these 4 things

A2O customer blog
A2O customer blog

Why, or why did so many not buy their bike shorts early – rather than leave it to 3 days prior to departing! Son number 2 decided he did not need them, resorting to him strapping a huge pair of someone else’s to the seat of his bike, to soften the blow. Cycle shorts are a must!!

Each person’s ideas of snacks are different. Yes, the mini peanut slabs were a winner, as were the yoghurt-covered raisins. Jack Links were more enjoyed by the lads, the energy chocolate by the gals, but Wasabi peas? And who ate all the tan square slice? It was always a surprise as to whom had what to offer, and where did all this food come from?

The luggage service is under-rated. Having your favourite book, a jacket and comfy shoes for an evening walk, or that nice shampoo and conditioner. It’s these things that were really appreciated, especially after a big days cycle. I couldn’t believe the luxury items that were taken.

E-bikes are the best thing since sliced bread. For anyone that has any doubts at all, hire an E-bike!! My three daughters said that they would not have enjoyed the trip half as much on a standard bike. The ‘cheating’ comments, by their brothers, only lasted for about half a day before they were asking for a turn. E-bikes make it possible for groups of mixed abilities to ride together. Next time, I think a few more would opt for them!

When we cycled down the street of the Victorian precinct, people were clapping, and it was honestly wonderful. The kids had smiles and we all felt really elated. Then onto the A2O finish frame, more laughs and excitement as people stopped and offered to take photos. It was everything I wanted – a memory! It didn’t matter to me if they hated the experience; I just wanted them to remember it. And lastly, why can boys do wheelies and girls cant? It seems to be the rite of passage for a boy to be able to do one!

A2O customer blog