Graeme & Friends – Post Trip Interview

We’re lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients, and Graeme’s group was no exception! The group comprised of a bunch of friends or people who knew of each other. Key criteria, each member wanted to experience the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail, have a sense of humour, and to have fun! It certainly worked a treat.

Tell us about your group and how you came together

The group was comprised of a bunch of friends, some knew other, others not. But the key was that they wanted to do the ride, have fun and get on with others. It worked a treat as it was a brilliant group, with further rides proposed and opening the numbers to other like-minded people!

What section of the Alps 2 Ocean would you rate as the best riding experience?

Gee a tough one as each section offered something special in its own way. Honestly I (and the others will probably agree) would simply rate the whole itinerary as excellent, with each sector simply endorsing that what we had experienced with previous day/s

Graeme and friends blog
Graeme and friends blog

What was your favourite accommodation location on the trail?

Again all the accommodation was great, The Hermitage offered a great first night, a log fire, a few get together drinks, and the start line. We very much enjoyed staying at Lyn’s Riverside Bed and Breakfast in Kurow, very tidy and way better than anticipated… a great host in Lyn. Mumble wasn’t even allowed to do the dishes!

What was the one thing you would have changed about your planning in retrospect?

Possibly stay on for a night in Oamaru to enjoy a longer beer and end of ride dinner with the group.

Have you done any/many other trails and if so what was the best of them?

The individuals in the group had done a mix of other rides, but all agreed that we will do many more……role on the West Coast Wilderness Trail and the mooted new ride!

Graeme and friends blog