Alps 2 Ocean & West Coast Luggage Transfer

Our luggage transfer service takes the hassle out of moving your bags between locations so that it is available for you when you get to your destination after a great days cycling. Any excess bags can be moved in time to meet you at the end of the trip, or if not needed along the trail, we can store this at our depot.

Due to limited available space on our daily luggage runs, we are unable to accommodate bike bags or boxes as your main piece of luggage that is moved along the trail. You will need to use a smaller bag weighing no more than 15kgs for this.

Included in our luggage transfer price is a $3 contribution to trail maintenance. We make this contribution on behalf of our customers to help maintain the quality of the cycle trail they are experiencing. The trails have very little direct funding from users, and when surveyed almost all riders ask how they could contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the trail at the end of their trip – We think it’s the right thing to do!

Pricing 22/23 Season

Luggage Transfer

Luggage movement from township to township along the trail.


per bag, per transfer
15kgs max

Luggage Storage

Store any excess luggage at our depot and pick it up after your trip.


per bag

Rural Delivery

Luggage movement to or from a rural location outside of a township.


per bag, per transfer
15kgs max
See Rural Delivery info below

Bike Transfer

Bike transfers along the trail and returning to base at the finish.


per bike, per transfer

Weight Limit 15kg’s

Our drivers move luggage along the trail every day and so are very conscious when it comes to lifting heavy bags! For health and safety reasons we have set a bag limit of 15kgs max. We record your bag weight on arrival and where bags exceed the limit, you will need to move some items into an additional bag.

Rural Deliveries

While we deliver to a large number of accommodation locations along the trail, we are unable to deliver to some of these due to their remote location. Let us know where you are staying and we can arrange a way to get your luggage to you.