Luxury Cycle Tours

Enjoy more than just the stunning alpine scenery, lakes and rivers as you journey on one of NZ’s iconic cycle trails. Combine the amazing backdrop with some of the best accommodation and hosting experiences in the region. Add to this the opportunity to further immerse yourself in additional activities that will be sure to create memories to cherish forever.

Over the course of these trips we have put together the best of the Alps 2 Ocean and will provide you with an appropriate level of support. For bigger groups we provide the option to include a local guide. For smaller groups, there is the option to enjoy your own self guided schedule of travel while always having the support from Cycle Journeys.


Group Guided

7 Days/ 6 Nights

Luxury Tours - Guided

Enjoy the company of a local guide who will unlock some of the secrets of the local history and ensure you maximise your time and enjoyment from the trip.


7 Days/ 6 Nights

Have the freedom to arrange your own self-guided schedule of travel, while having the support from Cycle Journeys throughout your cycle trip.