Lynnette Tackles the Coast to Coast

Lynnette from our Hokitika Depot recently completed her third Kathmandu Coast to Coast race. When sitting down to chat about the race, it brings out the biggest smile on her face – all the post C2C feels come flooding back!

You’ve recently completed one of the most talked about multi-sport event in New Zealand, how do you feel?

Very pleased with myself, it’s always a relief to get to the finish in one piece! However, I do feel I could have done better this year.

Tell us about the category you competed in and why you chose that particular category?

As I am an old lady, the two day individual “Classic” is the only category for me to enter – which does sound better than Veteran! I was surprised at how many other “Classic” women entered.

Lynnette - Coast to Coast

How long had you been training for the race and what did you do to prepare?

This is actually the 3rd time I have competed (mad I know!). The first time, I dedicated 12 months to prepare as I had never done endurance events, been on a road bike, run over a mountain or paddled a kayak. I learned about nutrition and how to fuel on the go. There really is so much to learn and you never stop – there is always room for improvement!

What were your top 3 take-outs from the race?

Keep a sense of humour – praise your crew – thank the volunteers

What surprised you the most about completing the race?

Winning my category. The fact that I actually won, is like getting the whole cake and eating it cherries and all!

Was there anything you would have done differently?

Use more GurneyGoo. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s the ultimate secret weapon for anyone competing in adventure races! GurneyGoo will prevent blisters, chafing, and prune foot – basically a Coast to Coast competitors best friend.

Do you have any advice for 2022 Coast to Coast competitors?

Get your head examined? Question yourself “why am I doing this?”. In all seriousness though, set your goals and make a realistic training plan to fit with your lifestyle.

Lynnette - Coast 2 Coast