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Here, you will find plenty of cycling news & inspiration to help you plan your ride. At Cycle Journeys we want to share ideas and useful information to help you plan the best cycling trip yet. Whether it is travel inspiration, trail updates, local cycling news, or fitness tips, we are constantly updating our blog posts, so have a scroll through our categories and start planning!

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Valley Lodge Otematata

The Valley Lodge Otematata is a secluded gem, offering small group hosted relaxation, under great hospitality. We chat to the owners Anita & Rob to find out more about the lodge...

West Coast Scenic Waterways

We have been working with Gavin & Cindy and Scenic waterways ever since we first opened on the West Coast Wilderness Trail. Clients just rave about their experience...

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5 reasons to ride the West Coast Wilderness Trail in the Winter

The West Coast Wilderness Trail in winter is such a delight!
Cycle Journeys - Alps 2 Ocean

Which starting point is best for me?

Take a look at our overview of the 3 most popular starting options.
Self-Guided Cycling Tips

Self-guided Cycling Tips: How To Organise Your Group

A self-guided cycling trip on a New Zealand cycle trail with a bunch of friends or family members is a great way to create unforgettable memories.

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