Paparoa Track Transport

Trail Shuttles

We have a full network of shuttles available in partnership with Paparoa Shuttles covering transfers between Greymouth, Punakaiki, Blackball and the Smoke-ho Carpark. The following Paparoa shuttle schedule and pricing is valid up until the 30th of June 2022. All shuttles require advance bookings to operate. To ensure you get a seat, please book at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Shuttle Departure Times


* A 5:15pm shuttle from Smoko-ho carpark to Blackball is also available on request.


Greymouth – Blackball$22$10
Greymouth – Smoke-ho Carpark$32$10
Greymouth – Punakaiki$53$10
Punakaiki – Greymouth$53$10
Punakaiki – Blackball$63$10
Punakaiki – Smoke-ho Carpark$73$10
Barrytown – Punakaki$32$10
Barrytown – Greymouth$42$10
Barrytown – Blackball$63$10
Barrytown – Smoke-ho Carpark$73$10
Blackball – Smoke-ho Carpark$20$10
Blackball – Greymouth$22$10
Blackball – Punakaiki$63$10
Smoke-ho Carpark – Blackball$20$10
Smoke-ho Carpark – Greymouth$32$10
Smoke-ho Carpark – Punakaiki$73$10

* Paparoa shuttle fare covers a passenger and up to 15kg of luggage. If you need to take a bike on the shuttle, the bike transfer price is additional to the shuttle fare.

Pick up Points

Paparoa Shuttles will pick up from an initial range of locations. Please check with us closer to your booking to confirm exact pick up locations. Plenty of parking is available in both Blackball and Greymouth.

To book your shuttle click below and fill out your details on the Paparoa Shuttles website:


  • Paparoa Shuttles depot Tarapuhi Street
  • Coleraine Motels
  • Railway Station


  • Blackball Township


Punakaiki Beach
  • Village - outside Pancake Rocks cafe
  • Opposite Punakaiki Tavern

Bike Transfers

Paparoa Shuttles has a range of bike trailers of varying sizes and design. We are capable of handling most sizes and types of MTB – but have difficulty with front mudguards and oversize tyres. Where your bike has components that may make it difficult to load we will need a discussion to plan the most suitable trailer.

The Smoke-ho Carpark road is somewhat rough and we will take care in securing your bike – but you will have the final say in how your bike is presented and secured.

Cycle Journeys Bike Trailer

Luggage Transfers

Despite our pleas to keep luggage under 15kgs, we continue to struggle for compliance. Heavy luggage will be loaded and unloaded by yourself so be warned! We take all reasonable care in the transportation of your luggage but ultimately can make no guarantees around the state of the luggage while being carried. Please do not secure other items to the pack but rather carry them in the vehicle.

Bag Storage

Should you require storage of additional luggage that is not required on the track, we can take care of this at our Greymouth depot.

If required, we can also deliver your bags to either Blackball or Punakaiki accomodation on the last day you are on the track. Please note our bag transfer fee will apply.


Bag StorageBag Transfer
$10 per bag for the duration of your time on the track$15 per bag

Vehicle Relocation

For some, the best way to arrange your trip will be having your vehicle relocated to the other end of the track. We have a small group of vetted drivers who can drive your vehicle while you enjoy the track.

Please note that we require at least 72 hours notice for vehicle relocation bookings.

Blackball to Punakaiki$164
Smoke-ho Carpark to Punakaiki$164
Greymouth to Punakaiki$164

*All vehicle relocations include private parking in Punakaiki. Our price includes a $10 contribution to the local landowners for this privilege. This is part of our commitment to support the Punakaiki community.

Greymouth to Punakaiki relocation includes free secure parking at our Greymouth Depot until the day you finish the track.

After completing the necessary paperwork, we will provide details of the lockbox and pick up locations.

Rental Cars

If you have a rental vehicle, there are a few considerations that need to be made…

If you plan to use a rental vehicle and would like Cycle Journeys to relocate this while you are on the track, here are some tips to make this easier, and in fact, possible for a third party to drive your rental vehicle.
Tier one rental car companies are reluctant to let others drive their vehicles without sighting all nominated drivers licenses at the time of renting the vehicle. It is the renters responsibility to ensure our drivers will be able to drive their vehicle legally. It is also your responsibility to ensure that appropriate insurance cover is taken out at the time of renting your vehicle.
We have established relationships with a number of rental companies who are happy to work with us and will permit our drivers to relocate their vehicles, without us having to physically show up with our drivers’ licences for individual rentals. If you are considering a vehicle relocation and will be renting your vehicle, we suggest you book with one of the following companies.


Ph: 03 358 8129
Ph: 0800 472 144
Ph: 0800 500 660


Ph: 03 768 0960


Ph: 03 548 1681

Custom Shuttles

Sometimes not everything fits nicely into a scheduled timetable and you need some variation. Large groups flying into Christchurch may find it better to work on a custom shuttle ride out of Christchurch – either with a bike trailer or a large pack storage capacity. Our largest group to date has been 25!

Doubtless some will see the Paparoa Track as a day ride and for these people an early, or late drop off and pick up may be desirable. Talk to us about your plans and lets see how we can match our services.

To book your shuttle click below: