Well known for its many heritage buildings, art shops, wildlife centres and driftwood beach sculptures, Hokitika is a pivotal township along the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

Our year round cycling itineraries include a night’s stay in this vibrant and humble town so we have come up with 5 top things to see and do in Hokitika to help you plan your next trip.

West Coast Scenic Waterway

1. West Coast Scenic Waterway

The West Coast Scenic Waterway is a highlight of the West Coast, and a must-do when in Hokitika. The boat cruise tours up the Mahinapua waterways, tracing the original route that was used by the gold miners and pioneers of the mid-late 19th century. On the way to Lake Mahinapua you will experience stunning views of Mt Cook and the Southern Alps and the incredibly unique West Coast wildlife and native bush.

Our Cycle Journeys 4-Day West Coast itinerary is designed to allow time to fit in the waterway cruise on the morning of day 2. If you would like to incorporate this into your West Coast Wilderness Trip please let us know and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

Treetop Walkway and Café

2. Treetop Walkway and Café

Perfectly located along the West Coast Wilderness Trail between Ross and Hokitika, the Treetop Walkway and Café is an exhilarating adventure set 20m above ground amongst the ancient native Rimu and Kamahui tree canopy.

With views of Lake Mahinapua from the walkway there is even a 40m tower where the Tasman Sea can be seen in one direction and the snow-capped Southern Alps in the other. Enjoy a drink, snack, or lunch in the spacious on-site café while you are there.

The Treetop Walkway is sooo good, we include an entry ticket with our Cycle Journeys 4-day West Coast Trail itinerary. It times in perfectly for a coffee stop after a couple hours cycling on day 1 of the trip.

3. Sunset Point

Photo: Kate Veale

A picture speaks a thousand words right? Make your way to Sunset Point at the end of the day to catch the last light of the day. Take some fish and chips down to the beach with you for that authentic Kiwi experience.

National Kiwi centre

4. The National Kiwi Centre

Located right in the centre of Hokitika itself, the National Kiwi Centre features some of New Zealand’s most iconic and rarely seen wild animals in a facility that replicates their natural environment. Spot a native Kiwi, or NZ’s largest reptile and oldest living dinosaur, the Tuatara.

Whilst you are there, take part in feeding the giant long-finned eels – unique to the center and the biggest freshwater eel in the world!

5. Glowworm Dell

Just a short stroll from the northern end of town, and free to the public, Hokitika’s Glowworm Dell is a great spot to visit in the evening.

Let us know if you would like any more info on these activities and we can work them into your West Coast Wilderness itinerary.