Valley Views Glamping

We chat with the owners: Amber and Patrick

Amber and Patrick opened their glamping experience in February 2017 and their love and passion for what they do has grown from then. After our customer service star Libby stayed at Valley Views Glamping and couldn’t stop raving about it, we had to speak with Amber about why they created their secluded getaway in the stunning Waitaki valley, who glamping is for and, importantly, what you should bring when you go glamping!

What inspired you to create your own glamping experience?

We bought our 100 acres here at the end of 2007 and then built our off-grid house and moved in at Easter 2010. The Alps 2 Ocean Trail then started in 2013 and there was a need for more accommodation. We had always wondered how we could utilise the fabulous views from our place and Patrick came up with the idea of glamping! Glamping was a new concept at the time, but by 2016 we decided to go for it and started the ball rolling with plans to build our glamping site. We opened in February 2017 and it has been the best decision ever!

Why is the location special for you?

I grew up in this area and most of my family are here. I spent many years away, including travelling the world with Patrick, but the Waitaki Valley was always home and the pull to come back here with our children was very strong. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It really is a special part of the world!

Where did the unique names for the domes come from?

The names for the domes come from the hills and mountain ranges around us. Big Ben, Lone Hill, Te Kohurau, Station Peak, Mt Domett and Kirkliston Range.

Over lockdown did you sleep in every dome?

Haha, no we didn’t actually. We have slept in all of them at some stage though and it’s a great reminder to us why people love them so much! In lockdown we did a lot of maintenance work and drunk a lot of wine!

What is your favourite time of the day and why?

I would have to say both sunrise and sunset. I have many hundreds of photos on my phone of both as they are often stunning here!

What type of people come glamping and have you had any celebrities stay with you?

We mainly host young couples, but there is a great mix of people, including cyclists who are in their 50’s and older, families, groups celebrating a birthday, wellness retreats and other retreats such as military style leadership retreats. We have had Ambassadors, a minor Hollywood star, ex All Blacks and people from 50 different countries have stayed here. Oh, and Libby from Cycle Journeys of course!

What are the most essential items to bring when staying with you?

We provide almost everything, but I can tell you what not to bring – high heel shoes and hairdryers!